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Diana Cooper [New York, NY]
Diana Cooper has received a great deal of positive press attention and public response in the past years for her interesting combinations of pen and ink doodling mixed with various media. The final products resemble unique biomechanical systems that reflect the obvious frustrations of the art process as well as the human mind's inescapable desire to create order.

In a recent interview the artist did with Jean Crutchfield, Cooper digs deeper into her influences and goals. "Initially the idea for my art work stemmed from a reaction to oil painting as well as a desire to introduce a more personal and meaningful visual language of doodling into the context of large scale abstract painting. Paul Klee commented that "he was taking a line for a walk." It was an important moment for me when I became aware of the semiconscious meandering of my lines and how like an EKG connected to the body the drawings were, giving my emotions and my thoughts a visual reality. I realized that both the process and the resulting imagery is a reflection of how my mind works, how I navigate space, establish order, make marks and make corrections. The proliferating visual systems I was building resembled elaborate networks and imaginary infrastructures. Human minds develop technological systems, and my drawn imagery reflects this human impulse in a tangential way. I am not illustrating systems, and yet they are systems nevertheless."

For more information about the artist, contact:

Postmasters Gallery