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Silja Addy [Germany]

Silja Addy is a German artists who has received a Masterstudent and MFA from the Art Academy in Munich. Her paintings have been shown in galleries in Germany as well as in the United States. Her most recent exhibit was at the Gallery Wittenbrink in Munich, Germany this year. In 2000, her "Curatorial Proposal" was shown at the Artist Space in New York.

In addition to painting, Silja Addy also does many works using only black and gray charcoal and paint on paper and canvas. The strong absense of color is both curious and beautiful. Her paintings and drawings suggest a fluid motion of the medium. Susan Prinz said of her work: "Figure, quantity, and above all, movement are key words that seem appropriate for Silja Addy's pictorial language."

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Edeleti [1998]
Charcoal on canvas, 100" x 79"

Membranseni [1998]
Charcoal on canvas, 100" x 65"