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Katharine Kahuric [New York, NY]

Through free association, Katherine Kahuric shows how freely associated our culture is indeed. Technically brillant, Kahuric combines photo-like images to create a kind of collage of images that may be encountered anywhere in just a day in the life of a modern human being. Besides this, what connects these random images?

Could be anything. In one work (below), the theme is the name "Rogers" — Kenny Rogers, Mister Rogers, Roy Rogers. Kahuric suggests that we look for patterns and connections within the confusion of our surroundings. Kahuric seems to take great amusement in this, and it's contagious. Who and what do you recognize in her paintings? At first you see the apparent superficial effect — intricate, colorful chaos. But beyond that, what?

For more information about the artist, contact:

PPOW Gallery