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Sandra Bermudez [New York, NY]

Sandra Bermudez is a New York based artist who received her B.F.A. at the Istituto Artistico dell' abbigliamento Marangoni in Milan. The images are purposefully ambiguous and intended to confuse the viewer on what is sexual and what is not. She describes her work as "close-ups of my hands and feet... when does sexuality die and just leave me behind?" Her works "nenita linda," "mi vida" and "mamacita" are titled after common cat calls that women hear on the streets of Columbia.

Artist Statement
These self-portraits intend to question the iconography of women as objects and to uncover the woman as the subject of feelings and thoughts. In these images I document a process that is driven by the content and the focus of the activity itself. A process which is a visualization of myths I have lived and endured. These processes reflect personal conflicts inherent to womanhood in our society.

The photographs stand as a record of an activity and a thought process, where there is both action and reflection, yet not a definite answer or conclusion. The images present sections of a narrative that must be completed by the viewers own response. By doing so, I wish to reach out to others who might be able to recognize themselves or their thoughts in these images.

For more information about the artist, contact:

Sandra Bermudez