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Sarah Kunstler [New York, NY]
Sarah Kunstler is a 24-year-old photographer. This body of work is a part of a series of psychological portraits that she has been working on since her undergraduate years at Yale University. "I hesitate to call them narratives, because they do not clearly relate to an external story, but instead hint at an internal world."

The color and mood are influenced by Edward Hopper and Kunstler's love of detective and crime fiction. Although she works in color, her images often appear as if they were taken in an earlier era. They are at times cinematic, and feel of film-noir. "They represented my idealized world," says Kunstler. She also admits to being a big fan of Phillip Lorca de Corsia's work — "He has definitely affected the way I construct a picture."

For more information about the artist, contact:

Sarah Kunstler