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Wendy Woods [Stillwater, Minnesota]

Wendy currently resides with her husband and two children in Stillwater, Minnesota. Her philosophy in regards to photography focuses on uncovering the unseen, the overlooked, the miracle in the mundane. She believes photographs should not be "of" things, but "about" them. Images should tell a story through the nuances of light, focus, shadow, detail, texture and distance in a way the eye in its haste would not otherwise see. Wendy Woods tries to capture these nuances through a variety of photographic formats, including use of infrared, color, and black and white. She employs the use of digital photography exclusively because it is environmentally friendly.

Her career also branched to the other side of the camera. From
1980 through 1988 she worked as a reporter and anchor for CNN, KGO-TV, and "The Computer Chronicles" on PBS. In 1983 she founded and has served as editor-in-chief for online news service "Newsbytes," which was purchased by The Washington Post in 1997. Throughout these years, she continued to explore photography. One of her largest projects was photographing every child at the Laurel Hill Preschool using a medium format camera, processing and printing all the portraits on a custom basis, in San Francisco in 1992.


Closed Diner
L.A. Stormfield
2 Tone Road