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Yoko Ono
by Artsy Staff

Take one Japanese non-conformist woman who is considered “an Asian, a woman and a widow, who doesn’t know her place—at all” by many people. Add a musical note and a career filled with mountains, trees and skies. Mix with Fluxian thought, Beatles, Art, Creativity and struggles with a warped mirror. Simmer your memories until they become diamonds. Notice that they are now diamonds, not your memories.

These days I am enjoying my aloneness. Lately I have been focusing on my new work for theViennese show in October. The last show I caught was “My Mommy Was Beautiful”, my show at the Shoshanna-Wayne Gallery. I thought it was exactly as I had planned it to be. I hate it when critics don’t do their homework and get vicious out of ignorance. This morning I had coffee for breakfast. My latest projects are in my head. My influences are what I eat and/or what I’ve eaten. Sometimes I wish Sean would play chess with me on QEII across the Atlantic, drink hot chocolate with me on the Eiffel Tower, and imagine letting a goldfish swim across the sky.

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