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Party Pictures From MediaMix'03
By Julia Laricheva and Jasmine Trabelsi
Artsy exhibit left to right: Angela Fraleigh, Mika Machida (artwork sold), Hidemi Sato, Ginna Triplett, Linda Nagaoka, Marietta Davis, Shayna Blum, Lucy Hodgson and Christa Donner.

Installation by Artsy artist, Marcia Cooper.

Curliegirl Bikini Fashion Show
Co-Founder Julia Laricheva talks with potential advertisers.
This painting was sold for $1800 in the first hour.

Founded by 2 women designers, Curliegirl makes crocheted underwear, cute rings, bags and of course bikinis.

In green jacket: Artsy External Relations Director, mingles with the crowd.
Avant-garde dance performance warms up the crowd.